Oligo Pro Blacklight

Oligo Pro Blacklight 18 in 1 Hair Beautifier 250ml

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Oligo Pro Blacklight 18 in 1 Hair Beautifier 250ml

Blondes have never been this easy to maintain! This light weight mist prepares, protects and beautifies the hair all while delivering 18 essential benefits:


1. Provides light conditioning

2. Protects against colour fade

3. Restores shine and lustre

4. Hydrates

5. Detangles

6. Reduces blow drying time

7. Enhances manageability


8. Protects from free radicals

9. Protects against heat damage

10. Smoothes split ends

11. Prevents breakage

12. Strengthens

13. Revitalises the hair’s natural protective layer

14. Protects against environmental damage


15. Controls porosity

16. Controls frizz

17. Reduces static

18. Provides silky feel

Directions: Mist on clean damp hair, comb through, blow-dry and style.

The Oligo Pro Blacklight lightening system is key to navigating the complete spectrum of blonde hair colours effortlessly. Any blonde shade you can imagine is now possible! Blacklight’s technology offers vibrant blondes, while maintaining hydrated, healthy and shiny hair. Oligo Pro Blacklight's comprehensive lightening system caters to all hair needs, from sensitive scalp, to high performance, to colour correction and even home care.


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