Ultra Thick & Full - Fine or limp hair

Ultra Thick & Full - Fine or limp hair

Solve your thin hair problems with Biotera Ultra Thick & Full.

Did you know that caffeine can offer a number of benefits to the hair including the stimulation of hair growth?

Caffeine targets the hormone DHT, responsible for hair loss. DHT hinders hair growth by not letting proteins, vitamins, and nutrients reach the hair roots and as a result you are dealt with breakage and hair loss. 

Caffeine combats this hormone and lets hair grow longer, stronger and healthier. Help boost body and fullness to gently restore beauty and thickness to fine, limp hair with Biotera Ultra Thick & Full. 

Each collection of the paraben free Biotera professional haircare is infused with its own signature blend of 5 beauty boosting botanicals and formulated to address different hair needs and concerns.