Biotera Anti Frizz Intense Smoothing Leave In Conditioner 237ml

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Biotera Anti Frizz Intense Smoothing Leave in Conditioner 237ml Infused with Camellia Oil for frizzy or unruly hair

Camellia oil has remarkable hair reviving and skin restorative properties. 

This botanical blend will: 

  • Soften hair to make it more manageable
  • Restore beauty and radiance to frizzy and coarse hair
  • Lock out frizz for 3 days, even in high humidity when used in conjunction with the Anti frizz Conditioner and Leave-in treatment

Each collection of the Biotera professional haircare range is infused with its own signature blend of 5 beauty boosting botanicals and formulated to address different hair needs and concerns. 

What does Microbiome friendly mean? Why is it important? Microbiome friendly products preserve the delicate balance of the scalp's microbiome and provide an optimal foundation for natural hair health. Biotera products have MyMicrobiome Standard 19.10 Certification - Scalp Microbiome (August 16, 2022).

Why Biotera? Clinically Tested. Salon Proven. Colour-Safe. Scalp Health. Hair Health. Biotera products are clinically tested, salon proven and colour-safe. Optimal & balanced scalp health is the basis for beautiful hair. Current studies show that an intact scalp microbiome and a balanced microbial upkeep are essential for scalp health.

Is the Biotera range tested on animals? Are any of your products vegan? Biotera products are animal test-free and PETA vegan certified. Biotera products are NOT tested on animals. We test all our products on people!

Where are Biotera hair products made? Biotera products are made in the USA at its near zero waste manufacturing facility in upstate Geneva, New York.

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