Here's the best sun protection for your hair

Here's the best sun protection for your hair

We’ve become accustomed to the phrase ‘slip slop slap' and know the awful consequences of what the harsh UV rays can do to unprotected skin but do we know what it can cause to the hair if left unprotected?

Coloured hair can play victim as the sun exposure can be a catalyst for colour fade in addition to causing the hair to become dry, brittle and cause unwanted breakage…yeah, no thanks!

So if the below applies to you, then simply Shake N’ Spray the b3 Ionic Color Lock to smooth, shine, add UV protection and lock in week one colour.

A: Rocking a fresh balayage or any colour treatment and want to lock in that salon fresh colour and prevent colour fade.


B: Want your hair to look and feel soft, silky and manageable over the summer months and need a lightweight leave-in treatments to protect against sun exposure and provide long lasting conditioning.

The b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Ionic Color Lock is a dual action treatment that uses ionic bond building technology to lock in week one colour by stabilising the colour molecule to prevent pigment shift and colour washout.

It protects hair against UVA and UVB rays and will provide some super conditioning to help fend off any dryness caused from sun exposure.

The b3 Ionic Color Lock will smooth, add shine and protection, so if you don’t like overloading the hair with products, then this miracle spray is for you.

Treat your hair like your skin this summer and defend it from potential damage with the b3 Ionic Color Lock.