3 reasons why you ought to have a Dry Shampoo

3 reasons why you ought to have a Dry Shampoo

The emotions of hair washing day can be as manic as Kimmy K and her marital status!

The uplifting and liberating highs of clean hair Vs the mental battle of drying your hair… You with me?

Whilst extending the interval between each wash maybe a guilty pleasure, let’s not kid ourselves, cleanliness is next to….

So here’s 3 reasons why a Dry Shampoo ought to be front and centre on your salon shelf and bathroom cupboard

1. Stellar styling made easy

Go from flat, fine ( and greasy) to full fab body and texture

Apply to the roots of the hair in sections and massage the product into your scalp using your finger tips. Wait a minute for the dry shampoo to work it’s magic then brush through.

2. Extend styling life

Think of it as a pick me up in between washes. Let your hair shine longer ( and gain an extra 20 minutes of sleep) on those style free days… Spray in a sweeping motion on roots for an instant boost and a clean fresh finish.

3. Oil management

Too much washing and it will strip your hair of it’s natural oils, too little washing and, well… gross! Dry shampoo allows you to manage the amount of oil and increase the time between washes.

Choosing a Dry Shampoo that is sulphate, salt and paraben free AND 100% Vegan ensures that your Shampoo hack is free from nasties and won’t interfere with your professional hair care routine. Oligo Blacklight Dry Shampoo instantly absorbs oil, brushes out with no residue while leaving your hair feeling clean with extra volume and texture.

Disclaimer, we’re totally avid promoters of top hair health but heck who doesn’t need an extra 20 minutes sleep here and there!